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ReElectronics is a start-up business founded andmanaged by Ozell Stanley. The economic growth of Greater St. Louis City & County Areas in the last several years has resulted in a revitalized community with numerous new services and businesses. As a result, the area's need for reliable and convenient electronic repair services has substantially risen as well. ReElectronics will position itself to capitalize on the growing need of the middle- and upper-class market for quality electronic repair service in the greater metropolitan and surounding areas. Re Electronics was created with the aim of solving people's "electronic repairs and tech-aches" by helping them turn their technology from a burden to an asset. And we can come right to your door to do it. Contact us today for an appointment at +13142543479.

Simple Answers, Rapid Solutions

We offer our comprehensive services to all of our customers, whether you’re a home user or a business. We’re a bit geeky, sure, but we’re not going to bury our customers in jargon – we make sure you understand everything that is going on during the service. From data recovery to repairs all sorts of problems, we’re here to help.

What our Clients Say About Us

Our portfolio of successful, happy clients can only reflect well on our abilities. We don’t only find new business opportunities through referrals, but we’re always happy to hear that someone enjoyed working with us enough to speak highly of our services to a friend or former colleague. We are consistently working to keep up to our high standard of quality, and, as a result, we continually offer better and better services moving forward. You too can join the long list of happy customers by getting in touch with us today!

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